Building Your Book: Belong. Believe. Become.

We want to give you three invitations: to Belong, to Believe and to Become. How you respond is up to you; in my experience these three invitations have required a renewed focus on key relationships, key convictions and key goals! It is my hope that this wonderful life of yours will include you belonging to the Church, believing in Christ and becoming a Disciple, but that is ultimately up to you!

The first section of your Become Book places these invitations right up front for you to focus on. Define and review your core relationships, convictions and goals to realise where you belong, what you believe and how you can become the person you were created to be.



Who are you walking with? God did not create us to be beings in solitude. He is a God of communion and relationship. And so are we. So use this space to list the three (or more) relationships that you want to focus on. I suggest reflecting on the three people I need in my life:

  • Follow – Who are you following? Who are those leading you into a deeper understanding of these three invitations? Focus on developing those relationships.
  • Beside – Who are you walking beside? Are they key family members, friends or colleagues? Draw closer to them by making a conscious decision to spend more time and effort in these relationships.
  • Lead – Who are you leading? Jesus called the Twelve, to lead them into the life and mission that He created them for. Who are you calling on, inviting them to Belong, Believe and Become for themselves?



At the heart of the Become Book is a call to live your life according to your Beliefs. Use the Believe space to articulate the life you feel God has created you to live. This might sound tricky, but its rather simple. The hallmarks of God in your life are hope, peace and love. Reflect on your image of life that encapsulates this life lived with God. If it helps, my five words are: Fun, Adventure, Freedom, Connection and Purpose. These are my core convictions that I seek to integrate into my daily life. Use these Beliefs to guide your goals, relationships and actions you plan every Day, Week and Month.



Finally, we want to inspire you to achieve your goals. The Become Book allows you to set your goals, and break them down into smaller action steps, making it more likely for you to achieve them. Use the Become section at the beginning of your Become Book to list six Goals you want to achieve. Then identify which Belief they seek to achieve. Finally, break the Goal down into practical steps (Actions) that you can seek to achieve in your Day, Week and Month planning.



The Become Book is a six-month planner, which means you have the opportunity to review these key relationships, convictions and goals every six months. It is remarkable seeing growth across these areas as you review your previous Become Books whilst planning for your future.