Building Your Book: Day, Week and Month

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to do all you want? I did until I tracked my time; what I realised was shocking! I was spending so much time doing un-important things, and not enough time on what was important.

The Become Book seeks for you to gain control over your to-do list and actively plan your life with Christ at it’s centre. We want to make space for you to be fulfilled in your prayer, goals, relationships, tasks and all other aspects of life. That is why we have created the Become Book as an undated six month planner in the style of a bullet journal. You can make this your own, starting off by using our templates, so you can start achieving more by doing less. There are three key time management templates in the Become Book: day, week and month.


Become Bok Day



Day Pages help you stay on top of your day, every day. With space for prayer, gratitudes, goals, key contacts, rituals and a planner, you can focus on your priorities.

Start off each day with the Date up the top (next to the day marker). Then head to tick off the Rituals you would have established when you started the Become Book (Morning and Prayer). Providing an intentional space for a daily Scripture and Gratitude helps you bring Christ into your life right at the beginning of your day, including thanking Him for what He has done in your life.

Now comes the key Goals. Organize your day around achieving three simple goals. This way, by the end of each day you can see your progress towards your bigger goals! 

The day Planner on the right is for you to schedule in any set meetings or appointments. The Tasks list helps you to articulate all of the other tasks you need to get done that day and the Contact list brings to mind the key relationships you need to work on. 

Sundays have an extra page for you to Reflect on the week and what God has done in your life. It also provides a space for you to take notes on any sermon or homily that you might listen to as well as write any key Scriptures for your reflection!


 Become Book Week



Week Pages allow you to forecast the coming week and gain clarity over what is approaching.

Start off your week pages by writing the start and end Dates next to the ‘Week’ space on the top left of the page. Follow it up by the three key Goals you want to achieve this week. Next up, write what you are Grateful for from the past week. Then direct your prayer in the Prayer Focus for the coming week!

Next up, review your previous week and any identify any deferred Tasks so that you can ensure they are completed this week. Do the same with any key Contacts you need to follow up.

Finally, the Week Overview allows you the space to future log any key meetings, appointments or events over the coming week that you can incorporate into your Day plans. The rest of the space is there for you to log your thoughts, reflections or actions that need to be taken this week.


Become Book Month



Month Pages include a future log; an innovative way to capture your commitments for processing later on. Make sure your key tasks and goals are always in front of you!

First off, write the name of the Month in the space provided on the top left. Then list any key events in the Future Log as they come up. This way, you can easily integrate them into your Week and Day plans when they arise.

List three key Month Goals that you want to achieve and ensure that the time and space to achieve these are included within your Week plans.

Finally, make sure you have a Calendar handy. All of the month plan calendars start on the 1st of the month, rather than on a Monday (this way you don't have to write in every date for every day, just the days of the week). So, see what day of the week the 1st day of the Month is on and write the initial (M, T, W, T, F, S, S) in the box above the corresponding day. That way you’ve always got the right day and date for your Future Log. 

And with that, you have an innovative time management system that takes into account Day, Week and Month planning at your fingertips. Hopefully, the steps to integrate your beliefs, goals, relationships, rituals and more into your life seem a little easier!