Building Your Book: The 'Key'

How do you do it?

Seriously. How do you achieve productivity whilst realising peace in your life? How do you plan with Christ at the centre of who you? A significant step to achieving this in your life through your Become Book is setting up a key that allows you to stay in control.

Symbols and icons can enable you to quickly log information and make it possible to understand what you’ve logged at a glance. How so? You are living in an incredibly complicated and busy time. In your life, you have your faith, family, friends, work, home and more! Your priorities can get shifted at a moments notice, with what is truly important pushed aside to what seems urgent before you. How do you prioritize and make sure you’ve got that faith – life – work  balance? Symbols and icons identify what needs to be done, what’s currently in progress and what’s a priority at a glance. These symbols and icons are what we mean when we say a key

It can be confusing when starting your Become Book to get too complicated in your key!  We have set up a simple Become Book key which is separated into Actions and signposts for your Calendar, Goals and Tasks. The Actions are there for you to track your life through the Become Book. The signposts are there to easily identify what part of the Book you are utilising. Whilst you can add anything else to this key (after all it is your Book!), we suggest this is enough to get you up and running. The quick reference guide on page right at the front of your Become Book can help you crack the code!

So, let’s take a quick look at them.


Become Book Actions



Use these icons to help prioritize, plan and review your tasks. We suggest four actions you can take on each task:

  • Done – Mark off each task you achieve with the satisfying ‘tick’ to show you have completed the task.
  • Delegate – A key to freeing up your life is in delegating them. Empower yourself to delegate the tasks that someone else can do.
  • Delete – So much of our cognitive load is taken up by tasks that just don’t need to be done. Delete them if they become unimportant or irrelevant.
  • Defer – If you haven’t completed a task because you didn’t have time or enough information, then defer it for a later date.




These icons will guide your reflections and planning. They are separated into:

  • Calendar – These mark month, week and day views for your pages.
  • Goals – We will get to setting these up in the next blog post, but this is where you can work towards where God is calling you in your life.
  • Tasks – These are essentially prompts for your planning, regarding tasks, who you should connect with, gratitudes, prayer focus and reflections.

With that, welcome to your Become Book key! Give it a go, stay flexible yet consistent in how you apply your key to your planning and we cant wait to see how it goes for you!