How do you use a Bullet Journal, why is it so great?

Bullet journaling has become a really popular way of organising your life and daily tasks, all you need to bullet journal is a notebook and a pen! Using a bullet journal really just means to add your tasks in using symbols (or a bullet), so it's like a massive to do list. However, by using a journal you can cut down on losing all your tiny post-it notes and multiple journals for different parts of your life. In this way, bullet journaling helps you be more productive and mindful of all the things you have to balance and manage at the same time. 

The Become Book is based on the bullet journal idea, however, we have saved you tons of time by creating a monthly, weekly and daily layout for you so that you don't have to do it yourself (we know that life is super busy!).

In addition, we have added a few key features that help you with your planning and balancing your goals and faith. These include some space to reflect on your beliefs and the relationships that are important to you, goal setting space, weekly scripture notes space and areas to set some rituals or habits that you really want to get into! 

There are some key benefits to using a bullet journal which help maximise your ability to plan more mindfully and get more done: 

- Use your symbols next to each task you have written down so you know where you are up to (for example, make sure you tick the ones you have completed or put some arrows next to the tasks you have deferred to tomorrow or a later date) 

- Review your to-do list on a daily basis. Check which ones you need to defer to tomorrow, or perhaps cross out ones that are no longer relevant. 

- Use your weekly review space to check what wasn't completed last week, and add it to those weekly goals and to do list now! This helps you keep on top of what you haven't done, or to reprioritise, perhaps you can delegate this task to someone else or maybe it isn't necessary to do now and you can delete it from your list all together! Say goodbye to forgetting to do things! Using your symbols next to your do to list on each daily page will make your weekly review super easy, all you need to do is flick back to the pages and check if anything is left outstanding.

- Your Become Book has future monthly planner and weekly planner space! Write your key dates down in advance and at the start of each week make sure you check back in with your monthly future log and write in any events you have upcoming to make sure you don't forget anything. 

- Use your goal setting space! Do not underestimate the power of goal setting (you can read more in our blog on goals). If you write your goals down at the start of each day, and make sure they link in with your larger 6 monthly goals you will be on your way to achieving the things you want most. Keep those goals front and centre on your mind. 

- Integrate your faith into your daily life - utilise your scripture space to connect in with God!