Revisit, Re-evaluate and Revise

So, you set yourself some goals about a month ago - great work! That means that you have had about four weeks to get working on these goals. How have you been going? What have you achieved? If you do not know the answer to these questions immediately, that means you have not been keeping track of your progress. 

When you are working towards goals it is important to be regularly checking in on your progress. If you don't, it is so easy to fall back into your old habits and forget what you are working towards. First, you want to revisit that goal you have written down. What was it? What were the action steps you set for yourself? What was the value you assigned to it - what is motivating you to achieve this in the first place!? If you are using your Become Book you are hopefully setting yourself a task each day that is working towards your goals.

By revisiting this goal you have a chance to then re-evaluate. This is important because you may have misunderestimated how long something was going to take, or how hard something would be or even how quickly you were going to achieve that goal. Dedicate some time today to re-evaluating those goals that you set. Is it still important to you? Has the time passed to achieve this or is it no longer relevant? Is it now more important or do you need some different action steps to help you get there? Has the idea changed slightly? This is okay, in fact it is normal!

By re-evaluating you can then revise your goals. Revision is key! Your life is not static, other people and the world is not static. It is totally normal to need to make adjustments and changes to your goals. We cannot control the future and do not know what factors may influence the steps we need to take to achieve things we are working towards. So, once you have re-evaluated where you are and how you are going, make some changes! Grab a pencil and on your goals page in your Become Book write some additional notes, or make a small line through one part and change it to what you need it to be! Don't erase your content though or white it out. Being able to look back on your progress and how your goals have evolved is a great way to see your journey and the process you have taken to get where you are. That is something to be incredibly proud of. 

There you have it, map yourself some time to revisit, re-evaluate and revise to help keep yourself focussed on what you really want to be achieving.