The importance of setting goals

Why even bother setting goals? If you Google searched goal setting I am sure that TONS of articles will come up about how to set your goals. This is because goal setting is a crucial part of trying to achieve what you want to - and therefore becoming the person you were created to be! 

Research from Harvard Business discovered that up to 83% of people do not have any goals, 14% of people have something in mind but have not written them down, and only 3% of people have goals that are written down! Why should you bother writing down your goals? Well those people in this study that had a goal in their mind were 10 times more likely to success than those who did not have goals, and the 3% of people who had written their goals down were 3 times more likely to succeed than the 14% who only had something in their mind. This study indicates that it is really important to write down what you want to achieve

It can be hard to achieve your goals and stick with them. Statistic Brain conducted some research with American adults and found that: 

  • 75% of people kept their goal for a week
  • 71% of people kept working at their goals for two weeks
  • 64% of people made it past one month, and only 
  • 46% of people made it past six months

By writing down your goals and revising them on a regular basis (like writing them down and linking them in daily in your Become Book) you may be on your way to being more successful with your goals. 

Perhaps more importantly, setting goals - and achieving them - may help you feel like you are accomplishing something in your life and like you are living a life of meaning. It is important that your goals are set in accordance with your beliefs and values too, which you can read more about here.

Now it's your turn to have a go at setting your goals! We have got some information on how to set your goals here and your Become Book can help you set action steps and keep them front and centre in your mind in your monthly and daily task pages!