Become Book Tips

Prioritise your Core Relationships. Write down the names of some people who you really want to prioritise for the next 6 months. Write some key notes for how you are going to nurture this relationship.

Define your Core Beliefs. You have space for up to 5 key words that define you and your beliefs. These words should set the tone for your goals, each day, and the decisions you make in that day. Living by your beliefs will help you feel more satisied in your daily life.

Set your Rituals. What are the things you want to do in the morning, evening and in your prayer life? 

Set some Goals for the next 6 months. Be specific in writing your goal. Make sure it is achievable, and that you can measure your success! Break down your goal into some actionable steps. It is far easier to achieve things when we break them down into smaller components (or sub-goals!). 

Month in advance planners. You have 12 months of calendars to write key dates in advance.

Month to a view. Write any events you have in the future log for the month, we like writing the date on the line first, followed by the activity. Write the names of the day of the week that match up to the dates in the bottom Calendar on the left hand side. Set yourself some goals for the month - these may tie into your defined goals for the 6 months or be in addition to these! 

Week to a view. Reflect on the week that has been with your deferred tasks - what didnt you get done last week that you need to follow up on this week? Practice some gratitude, set three focuses for your prayer and write some goals for your week. 

Day to a view. Tick in the right hand corner if you followed through with your rituals. You have space to write your tasks using the bullet points (as described in the front), and plan out your day with key tasks or events on the right against the times of the day.